Using MyLabBook in the Cloud, your research platform is tailored specifically for your research needs. It can range from simple to sophisticated. The standard features included in all Research Platforms are shown below.

Custom Content Types

WordPress has the capability for creation of custom post types. Custom post types can contain any of dozens of different fields types. These include geolocations, rich text fields, website links, different types of numerical fields, videos, images, files (Excel, Word, Text, etc), and many more. We can create custom content types to specifically match your research data needs.


Dashboards can be customized to provide a good overview of the areas that you want to track most closely. This can be results of the research overall or for certain individuals. You can also quickly see statistical summaries of other site activity.

Maps and Geolocation Services

WordPress has many modules for integration of mapping capabilities. This is somewhat unique when compared to most other Electronic Lab Notebooks or research systems. Mapping capabilities open up many new possibilities, especially for research projects in epidemiology, climate change, phylogeography, and social justice.

Azure Identity Management

Your research website is integrated with the Azure Identity Management system. Azure ID is one of the most secure and powerful systems for the robust management of your users. This is integrated with the extensive permission system of WordPress to provide appropriate authorization to your features and research data.

Security and Versioning

For security, WordPress has a dedicated security team that is continually offering updates for any new vulnerabilities that are found in the CMS or its modules. Your site is also hosted in the Azure cloud, one of the most secure clouds on the planet. Your data by default is also partitioned to a private area inaccessible from the web. You can also version your data if desired.

CSV Data Export

CSV export capabilities give you the ability to export your data at any time. This allows you to share your data with other investigators or to use your data with powerful tools for AI, Machine Learning, Statistics or other analysis or modeling software.

CSV Data Import

CSV import capabilities allow you to import the data from the exported CSV files, including associated files, references, and web links. This round-tripping of data keeps you in full ownership of your data and ensures full portability to appropriate installations.

Web Forms

Web forms give you the ability to design custom forms for data collection and store the results in CSV files and send the results to whomever might be interested. The web form module in WordPress has a rich ecosystem that allows you to customize forms for all types of workflows.

Additional Add-On Features

Although the features listed below are not standard features for a MyLabBook cloud installation, we can integrate any of the following features as well.
Also, please feel free to contact us for any other features that we could provide through custom development.

Robust Social Network

WordPress also has a mature and advanced open source social networking platform available with BuddyPress and the commercial BuddyBoss platform built on top of that. It includes features such as private messaging, email notifications, groups, events, blogs, and an extensive permission system with appropriate privacy measures.

Community Database Portal

Using the Tripal project we can build a community database for your research results. This is especially useful for biological and agricultural entities. It can include information about breeding, genetics, genomics, and distribution of your research entities to other researchers.

Custom Themed Website

If you desire a publicly available website for any reason, we can build that using one of numerous possibilities for attractive themes. These can showcase the results of your research in ways that communicate effectively to the public or other groups interested in your research.

Extensive Azure Services

Because we are hosted in the Azure Cloud, your data can be easily exported and integrated with Azure services. These include Cognitive Services, Applied AI Services, and Machine Learning. These services are state of the art with best in class tools at a reasonable price.