Websites using the MyLabBook Approach

ESRM Research Project

The Environmental Sampling Research Module (ESRM) has been designed to teach biotech research skills to students in a wide range of educational institutions. The project received a grant from the National Science Foundation in 2017.

Social Network for the RR

The Relaxation Response (RR) is a natural response of relaxation in our body and mind to an appropriate relaxation agent. This website will provide a social network for individuals interested in sharing their experiences and insights concerning the RR and finding better techniques for its measurement.

Candidate Websites for Using the MyLabBook Approach

Epidemiology Tracking

The combination of geolocation features to map the spread of a given disease coupled with flexible forms that could be filled in anonymously could provide the basis for a very competent epidemiology research website.

Climate Change Tracking

The geolocation feature would be essential in mapping changes in climate at different locations. Custom content types can be created to track whatever variables are being tested for the greatest impact of climate change.

Citizen Science Projects

The open source nature of the MyLabBook approach would be valuable for any low budget citizen science project. Depending on the amount of available resources of time and talent, there are many possibilities.